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Pastilla Nash commenced operation with its signature product, Prune and Walnut Log, in late 2002. Jan, with 25 years experience in the food industry as a caterer and food editor, decided to make a family recipe and serve it with cheese to her peers.

In those days, the only accompaniment to cheese was quince paste and fresh fruit. It was a huge success. Simon Johnson, Australia's renowned food purveyor, embraced the idea and enthusiastically encouraged production of this marketable product.

Once refinements to the cooking method and the balance of ingredients were made, Jan realized her new venture and commercial manufacturing of the Prune and Walnut Log then commenced. Within weeks of hitting the shelves, the Prune and Walnut Log was featured in Melbourne and Sydney food columns.

Rapidly growing interest in this quality product created a demand that caused stocks to be sold out in its first Christmas. Since then, the yield has increased as a result of wider distribution and the ongoing sales to convinced connoisseurs.

Pastilla Nash Prune and Walnut Logs

Enjoy with cheese and wine or even beer. You can also eat it simply as a petit four with tea or coffee.

We now support Free the Bears and make a donation for each time you purchase a Prune & Walnut Log.

Pastilla Nash products are:

  • HACCP & GMP Certified
  • BRC Global Food Standard
  • Wheat & Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Halal
  • Helping Free the Bears

Customer testimonials

What do our customers say about us?

  • "A slice of Prune and Walnut log is my favourite treat to have after dinner or with a cup of tea. It's sweet yet tangy, slightly chewy, and a whole lot better for me than a biscuit or a piece of chocolate."
    Necia Wilden - Editor, the Australian
  • Guests were impressed with the overall quality of the food items. The King Island cheeses were a big hit and comments centred around the richness of the brie, the creaminess of the cheddar and how easy the bleu is on the palate. The dipping oils were popular, particularly Oz Tukka’s lemon myrtle-ginger macadamia oil and Island Olive Grove’s chive- garlic olive oil. The biggest head turner would have to be the Prune & Walnut slice from Pastilla Nash.
    Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Pastilla Nash has a unique product and the Fine Food event sets a fantasic platform for Ms Nash to build networks and initiate discussions with buyers. "We have had great success from working with Austrade and believe this opportunity will add to the success of our business," Ms Nash said. "Pastilla Nash participated in the Fine Food event in Melbourne last year and achieved recoginition from buyers. The New York fine food and kitchenware company, Dean and Deluca, were introduced to our product and we have recently completed our first shipment to the company this year."
    Austrade Press Release

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