The History of Pastilla Nash

There are a number of people without whom this venture would never have been possible:

  • David for listening to my ideas, giving me feedback and in the very beginning sharing his kitchen with me.
  • Everyone congratulates me on the packaging but the person who deserves this is my great friend Joby who listened to my ideas and made them work.
  • Simon for having faith in my product and putting it under his label.
  • Heidi for eating copious quantities of Prune and Walnut Log, always being there as a sounding board and for coming up with the brand name.
  • Most importantly, my nephew Peter, who ingeniously designed the moulds, the “Dandan” and the kitchen systems to make this wonderful handmade product.

My dream is for the business to grow so that it can support endangered species. I would like to make a difference in the world we share with animals.

Pastilla Nash commenced operation with its signature product, Prune and Walnut Log in late 2002.

With 25 years experience in the food industry as a caterer and food editor, Jan Nash decided to make a family recipe and serve it with cheese to her peers. In those days, the only accompaniment to cheese was quince paste and fresh fruit. It was a huge success.. Simon Johnson, Australia’s renowned food purveyor, embraced the idea and enthusiastically encouraged production of this marketable product.

Once refinements to the cooking method and the balance of ingredients were made, Jan realized her new venture and commercial manufacturing of the Prune and Walnut Log then commenced.

Within weeks of hitting the shelves, the Prune and Walnut Log was featured in Melbourne and Sydney food columns. Rapidly growing interest in this quality product created a demand that caused stocks to be sold out in its first Christmas. Since then, the yield has increased as a result of wider distribution and the ongoing sales to convinced connoisseurs.

From its humble inception, the Prune and Walnut Log has continued to grow in popularity worldwide. It is served in many top restaurants in Sydney including Tetsuya’s, which was voted the number 5 restaurant in the world in 2007.

In 2005, Pastilla Nash exported to the USA, Japan, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Dean and Deluca sold out of the product for the Holiday Season 2005. The Prune & Walnut Log was also certified Halal.

In 2006, I was so fortunate that Jackie Vere-Nicoll saw an article in “The Daily Telegraph” on the exporting success of Pastilla Nash. Jackie arranged to meet with me and told me that she had 25 years experience as a food broker in the UK. She was mad about my product and wanted to introduce it to the UK. She showed it to a large catalogue company in the UK. The catalogue company included the 260-gram log for the first time in its Christmas catalogue. The shipment sold out in 2 weeks. It has been included in the Christmas catalogue ever since.

In March 2007, Qantas First Class commenced serving Pastilla Nash Prune & Walnut Log with their cheese plates.

In 2013 Pastilla Nash moved its production offshore. As a result, the prune & walnut logs are now certified HACCP, GMP and also produced according to the BRC Global Food Standard. The logs are still Halal certified, as well as gluten-free and dairy-free.